22 stylists – 22 set designs

lotta agaton is string’s set designer. she also teach set design at beckmans college of design in stockholm. one task lotta gave her students at the recent course was to style a string® pocket. here is the inspiring result!

string® pocket anna söderberg style
Anna Söderberg
string® pocket caroline dahl style
string® pocket ellinor daniels style
string® pocket eva torkelson style
string® pocket gülnaz oldmark style
string® pocket helena jåfs heino style
string® pocket hildur blad style
string® pocket inca leijonborg style
string® pocket jessica sjölander style
string® pocket jill windahl style
string® pocket josefin hååg style
string® pocket josefin twedmark style
string® pocket karolina ajea style
string® pocket katrin bååth style
string® pocket lina kanstrup style
string® pocket linnea svan style
string® pocket maja halling style
string® pocket maria heed style
string® pocket maria ordenes style
string® pocket marie strenghielm nord style
string® pocket nihan toprak style
string® pocket susann martinwal style