vinn en string pocket


en gång i kvartalet utser vi den mest
kreativa och roliga stringuppsättningen.


vinnaren belönas med en string pocket.


+ ladda upp din bild här!

2012 favoriter från tidigare tävlingar

Första pris

2012-11-09 göran, hamburg
das perfekte schuhregal!

Första pris

2012-09-11 thélissa, bourges
my string system is the perfect solution to create a workspace when you do not have a dedicated room for an office. you can put it anywhere (hallway, bedroom, living room ...) and mix it with any style. it is a pleasure to work at home.

Första pris

2012-05-08 jessica, stockholm
my white string system is perfect for my small city apartment.

Första pris

2012-02-13 maria, münchen
string in my kitchen is one of the most inspiring ideas i ever had. cooking and to be busy with string is a little like making music...

2012-12-16 thomas, aldershot
our new string at christmas!

2012-12-15 stefan, göteborg
min nya jobbhörna hemma är äntligen på plats!

2012-12-13 alexis, whitstable
the whole family make great use of the string shelves in our dining room.

2012-11-30 johanna, stockholm
skriv & läsplats i vårt gästrum!

2012-11-12 torbjörn, göteborg
som retrofreak älskar jag allt som har med 50- och 60-talet att göra. här förenar jag 60-talets mest välkända möbel med gustavsbergs berså som är minst lika tidstypiskt.

2012-10-31 tobias, limhamn
kontor, bokhylla och cd-hylla i en möbel!

2012-10-25 juhana, helsinki
we finally got our string-shelf assembled.

2012-10-22 franziska, konstanz
everyone loves the string...

2012-10-08 håkan, härnösand
string i vitt blev mycket fräscht till övrig inredning i björk, vitt och svart!

2012-09-30 nicole, bern
great thing, our white string!

2012-09-27 jolien, tielt-winge
my home is where my string-office is !

2012-09-27 lina, lund
my kids love the string system!

2012-09-27 karina, zistersdorf
favorite place for my favorite things!

2012-09-24 fanny, copenhagen
string is the perfect choice for an airy beautiful all-in-one bookshelf and table complex in a studio apartment with little space.

2012-09-02 andreas, düsseldorf
original sixties string teak combination, beautyfying our living room!

2012-08-21 nathalie, örebro
our white string section makes a perfect wall in our living room. we love it!

2012-08-19 florian, berlin
the teak-shelf was the best ;)) greetings from berlin

2012-08-13 yuji, kakogawashi

2012-08-13 caroline, stockholm
thinking about covering up that hideous modern tv :)

2012-08-13 caroline, stockholm
my sweet yellow kitchen string! perfect with my minty walls!

2012-07-11 petri, oulu
string system was the perfect solution for my tiny apartment. there is enough space for my computer stuff and some storage yet it does not cover the window and lets light come through.

2012-07-03 angelica, huskvarna
one of my two strings, in black and walnut, the pride and joy of my kitchen. for extra storage i have clip on hooks at the bottom shelf. i like to mix old with new kitchen related things, and of course some colourful fruit, herbs and flowers.

2012-07-02 loïc, orléans
first in claude’s living room when i was a child, then in denise’s flat (never noticed where), recently in frédéric’s closet, and now in my bedroom. a trip through generations and places.

2012-06-20 marco, cologna veneta
bookcase & tv holder

2012-06-16 peter, bagarmossen
string + synthesizer

2012-06-12 lina, lund
the shelf of my five year old son.

2012-06-12 lina, lund
our sweet kitchen string!

2012-06-12 lina, lund
our bedroom string.

2012-06-12 lina, lund
cd string. perfect!

2012-06-12 lina, lund
our livingroom strings. simply great.

2012-06-12 lina, lund
my yellow one!

2012-06-07 sabine, freiberg
my string is really old: i inherited it from my grandaunt and use it to collect things from the fifties.

2012-05-15 matthew, merthyr tydfil
i love my string furniture...

2012-05-08 sebastian, kirchlengern
my vintage 60s nisse strinning wall unit. i love it.

2012-05-02 magaly, villeneuve d'ascq
no more place for my pez collection, i need a new one ;-)

2012-04-08 christian, berlin
the black and teak classic... it's vintage, but it goes perfectly together with my self-made dvd shelves.

2012-04-07 fredrik, stockholm
best way to store your music is in a string of course.

2012-04-05 oliver, wuerzburg
black cat sieges the string five minutes after assembling...

2012-03-29 josefine, västerås
our white string on our yellow living room wall - it holds all my favorites; books, coffee machine and more!

2012-03-28 frauke, weicht
perfect for a non-perfect life!

2012-03-28 martin, london
we have just inherited some vintage string units and shelves from germany which we added to and now use it as a work space and rotating display for something new every month.

2012-03-21 victor, schiltigheim
gaïa pop lazard is proud to present our string system shelving

2012-03-18 paul, münchen
i love my original 60's elm veneer string shelf in the kitchen.

2012-03-17 maria, münchen
a smart friend of my kitchen string- perfect stage for coffee-maker and coffee service!

2012-03-15 stefan, stockholm
my kid alvar has a vintage string stuffed with books and his favourite things, like ponyo and totoro plushs, godzilla figures and a swedish subway train.

2012-03-12 andreas, amsterdam
the vintage string makes the living room a better place to be. like it!

2012-03-08 ivo, karlstad
i use this string as a small office so that i can use the table as a workspace and a kitchen table at the same time. everything is very retchable

2012-03-04 tomas, stockholm
my wife and i keep our dvds in a pocket string, as well as a moose head i found in the forest!

2012-02-19 magnus, göteborg
in my livingroom, the inherited string-shelf acts as a centerpiece rather than a book-shelf.

2012-02-17 matt, merthyr tydfil
so impressed with the string pocket i ordered another straight away !

2012-02-16 elin, löddeköpinge
my son´s room, but of course my doughter should have one too :-)

2012-02-15 lina, lund
a perfect shelf for every room in our apartment!

2012-02-15 lina, lund
a perfect working place!

2012-02-07 gert, westerlo
our string pocket changes all the time, that's why we love it so much!
right now it's all about our newborn baby girl.
in my country it's a custom to give candy when a baby is born, so that's what's in all the little boxes and sachets...

2012-02-05 anders, torp
with string we could finally move our "office" from the hall into the living room! the stringsystem really have various aeras of use! holds books, cds and collected interiors.

2012-02-05 anders, torp
string pocket in the bathroom. nice contrast to the blue wall.

2012-02-05 anders, torp
string pocket in the kitchen. the content vary from week to week.

2012-02-01 stian, oslo
my string shelf works great for storing books and showing stuff i´m collecting.

2012-01-22 grethe, oslo
my son erlends string- showing some of his toys.

2012-01-15 david, lomma
cell is a string too...
photo of combined library, dining room.

2012-01-06 anna, bromma
my white string system.

2012-01-03 johan, jönköping
string soft (mint).

2012-01-03 naomi, london
these came from my fathers childhood bedroom, i have now inherited them hooray!